Meter Boxes and Utility Vaults

Secure and Efficient

Jarrett Concrete's Meter Boxes and Utility Vaults are essential for housing and protecting electrical and plumbing systems. Meter Boxes provide a secure enclosure for utility meters, commonly used in residential and commercial properties. Utility Vaults, larger and more robust, are underground units that safeguard electrical junctions, valves, or water meters, especially in industrial or public infrastructure. These products are designed for durability, ensuring they protect vital utilities from environmental elements and unauthorized access.

Meter Boxes:
Designed for Protection and Accessibility

Our Meter Boxes are engineered to safeguard essential utility connections. Featuring robust construction and ease of access for maintenance, they are an essential component for effective utility management.

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Utility Vaults:
Ensuring Safety and Durability

Jarrett Concrete's Utility Vaults offer a secure environment for critical utilities. With their durable construction and adaptability, they are ideal for a variety of applications, ensuring safety and longevity.

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Gang Meter Vault

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If our existing models don't fit your specific needs, we offer customization. Whether you need different sizes, shapes, or features, we can make it happen. Contact our office at 615-792-9332 to discuss your custom product needs.


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