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A Legacy in Concrete Products

Founded in 1995, Jarrett Concrete has stood as a leader in the precast concrete industry in the southeastern United States. Our extensive product range, which includes grease traps, septic tanks, meter vaults, storm drainage structures, and sewer manholes, is just the beginning of what we offer.

More than a manufacturer, we're a third-generation, family-run business. That means our roots run deep in the communities we serve, and so does our commitment. We don't just provide contractors and engineers with high-quality products; we build long-lasting relationships, grounded in the shared goals of well-being and enduring success.

Situated in Ashland City, TN, we're strategically placed to serve a broad region, with a focus on the southern states like Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina. It's all part of our mission: to equip our clients with infrastructure solutions that are as resilient as they are innovative.

Our Mission

At Jarrett Concrete, we’re committed to delivering exceptional products and service that not only meet but exceed your expectations. It's not just about doing business; it's about building lasting relationships and contributing to your success with integrity and professionalism.

Meet the Team

The Minds Behind Your Concrete Solutions

gray color image Travis Jarrett President
gray color image Alvin Jensen Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operations Officer
gray color image Lara Harrell Accounting/HR
gray color image Chris Keeler Pre-Cast Plant Manager
gray color image Chris Merritt Pipe Plant Manager
gray color image James Martin Senior Estimator
gray color image Kyle Dickey Junior Estimator
gray color image Drayton Bergmann Junior Estimator
gray color image Colleen Barnes Accounting
gray color image Shane Caldwell QC Tech
gray color image Joseph Maiullo QC Technician
gray color image Konner Sitman Sales/Project Manager
gray color image Tyler Pangburn Logistics Manager
gray color image Landon Owen Senior Product Designer

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